Our staff!

Current Staff members include Supervisor, Dusti Marburger, and Assistant Supervisor- Marissa Hibbler, Team Leaders- Toby Proske, BIanca  Lopez, Devin Nunes , and  Michele Gonzales. Retired teacher, Shirley Virgil, helps run the homework and Learning Center. Robin Simpson and Kaye Gonzalez work to provide great snacks daily!

We are pleased to have many VOLUNTEERS who volunteer daily or weekly to help provide many activities for the children. WE LOVE and NEED volunteers, so call us if you have a free hour to help.

Grace Lutheran and Camp Tejas were AWARDED our Volunteer organizations of the year(2016) and we so appreciate all of their support and help! Giddings Study Club was awarded the 2017 Volunteer Organization of the year and Bill Riebe is our Volunteer of the Year 2017.

The Knox Foundation and First Presbyterian Church sponsor many programs and provide regular funding so we can keep the doors open for the children in Lee County.

Grace Lutheran is shown here helping paint a hallway at LCYC. THEY also volunteer regularly and can be found teaching a Wednesday sewing class, and helping us with maintenance and repair issues in all parts of our building.

Where to Find Us:

Lee County Youth Center


1010 E Industry St
Giddings, Texas 78942


  1 (979) 542-4100

Hours of service:

OUR on site Supervisor is Dusti Marburger. Please contact Dusti at LCYC at 542-4100 ! She will be glad to visit with you. Assistant Supervisor is Marissa Hibbler. Homework Supervisor is retired teacher, Shirley Virgil. Robin Simpson and Kaye Gonzalez  provide great snacks daily.

GHS students and volunteers work with children to provide engaging activities! 


LCYC Application
THIS application is for Spring 2018
Microsoft Word document [44.0 KB]

LCYC Is a GREAT place for your children after school each day.  We have some openings for Spring 2018-so call NOW.             542-4100

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